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MUHAMMAD - natural successor to Christ (Peace be upon him)

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Ahmad Deedat

MUHAMMAD - natural successor to Christ (Peace be upon him)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!



... And the good tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmad.

Holy Quran 61:6

MULTILATERAL SUCCESSIONContinuity is of many kinds, like the law of primogeniture in Jewish law. This may be climbing the eldest son or daughter on the throne, or the election of a candidate by a majority vote in the election, appointment or chosen messengers of God the divine decree in religion. These calls are characterized by Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all) who have been appointed or "anointed" for dedication to the divine mission.

The succession of Muhammad Jesus Christ is a cross:

1) Chronologically, one of them was preceded by another in history.

2) Both were God's chosen ones.

3) Both fulfilled the prophecy of his predecessors, and, last but not least -

4) Both of them resulted in the implementation guidance of Allah. Jesus Christ said of his successor, Muhammad: "(He) will guide you into all truth."


The Holy Prophet Moses preceded Jesus Christ about 1300 years, and about six centuries later, his successor in the high post was Muhammad. 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal (August 29, 570 of the Christian era) in the Holy Makkah in pagan Arabia, Muhammad was born - which means "praised" - which is truly worthy of all praise. His people - the Quraysh - remember his birth year as the year of the Elephant, because just two months before the baby is born king of Abyssinia, the governor of Yemen, Abraha in Al-Ashram riding on a huge African elephant at the head of his troops attacked the shrine in Mecca. Horrendous picture never erased from their memory, as well as even more shocking quiet end to the invasion. Destruction of the amazing Abraha and his army is mentioned in Sura "Elephant":

Have you not seen how thy Lord did with the satellites elephant?

Is not It drew their wiles to mislead?

And he sent them birds in flocks?

They threw stones at them from clay.

He made them like eaten with a field of beans.

The Holy Quran 105:1-5

Allah's own criteria

Almighty Allah chooses of His Messengers. To do this, it uses its own criteria, and we can not always understand their wisdom. St. Paul exclaims:

For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom ...

1st Corinthians 1:22

Taught by the experience of Paul, namely, so it was believed that this wisdom was a stumbling block to Jews and folly - for the Greeks.

Allah has chosen Moses, the man who fled from justice and a former stutterer. Holy Bible calls it "not verbal" (Exodus 6:12).

However, despite the difficulties, when he was asked to stand face to face with Pharaoh, the greatest tyrant of the era, Moses cried unto the Merciful Allah:

He (Moses) said: "Lord, Expand my breast,

And made my case,

And untie the knot in my language:

Let them understand my speech.

Give me a helper from my family

Haroun, my brother.

Underpinned them my power

And make him an accomplice in my case,

To many, we glorify Thee

And many remembered you:

After you against us zorok. "

He said (Allah): "It is granted to you ask you, Moses ..."

The Holy Quran 20:25-36

WHY "How to Think"?

Then God chose Jesus. According to Christian doctrine, he was a carpenter and the son of a carpenter with a dubious pedigree, as recorded in the Gospel:

Jesus began his ministry, was about thirty years old, and was thought to be the son of Joseph ...

The Gospel of Luke 3:23

Billion Muslims today accept that Jesus Christ was born miraculously - without the intervention of men, while the followers of Christ have created two separate genealogies for a person who does not have the pedigree. In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke have attributed this mighty Messenger of Allah sixty-six fathers and forefathers. These two lists converge in only one name - the name of Joseph the carpenter, who is also no good, because, as noted above, St. Luke, he was only supposed father of Jesus.


In the "scandalous Revue Anglican bishops" in June 1984 has been found that 31 of the 39 bishops believed that "the miracles of Christ, his virginal conception and the crucifixion could not have happened exactly as described in the Bible."

In deference to the bishops of the Church of England Church of Scotland in his latest publication "Statement of Faith" is more respectful simply papered over the "virginal conception". Discussions about the miraculous conception of Jesus are becoming hotter and Western Christianity all the more difficult to resolve this issue, as is evident from the following.


"Virginal conception"

London. Direct reference to the virginal conception was dropped in the last publication of the Church of Scotland, "Statement of Faith," "to avoid a potential separation of church officials."

Rev. David Beckett, Secretary of the ad hoc working group that prepared the publication, said that it removes the Church of Scotland from the traditional Anglo-Catholic theology to the more liberal faction of the Church of England, led by David Jenkins.

The new document was discussed at the annual General Assembly Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. Commission on Doctrine, designed to express the Westminster Confession to a more modern language, used the opportunity to customize the text of the "virginal conception".

Mr. Beckett said: "We wanted to make a statement that it would be a unifying rather than divisive, a statement which would welcome the whole church - not only those who accept the" virginal conception "as a historical fact, but also those who see it mainly as a bright theology. "

Leading churchmen said that the Westminster Confession is not changed, but only summarized and refined.

The foreign office of the newspaper "Daily News"

Durban, Tuesday, May 22, 1990

 Allah has chosen Jesus

Jesus Christ even though he was rich in spiritual wisdom, light and truth, he blithely philosophized about the poor of this world, saying:

Started to him a woman with alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured his reclining on his head.

Seeing this, his disciples were indignant and said, Why this waste?

For it might have this ointment sold for much, and give to the poor.

But Jesus understood it, and said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? She has done good work for me:

For the poor always have with you, but I do not always have ...

Matthew 26:7-11

When the prison stood before him, when poverty and poverty touched him, he cried dusherazdirayusche:

And Jesus saith unto him, Foxes have holes and birds - nests, but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

Matthew 8:20 and Luke 9:58

Nevertheless, Allah has chosen him - God works in mysterious ways!

M-U-S-T-A-F-A is the "Chosen One"

. He sent a messenger among the simpletons of them, he gave them His signs and purifies them and teaches them the Book and Wisdom, though before they were certainly in manifest error ...

Holy Quran 62:2

This may sound strange, but I do nothing I will not be surprised! Because it is - His way, He chooses ummi - simpleton, uneducated illiterate prophet to the nation.

"The poor shepherd people, wandering unnoticed in its deserts since the universe: he was sent to a hero - a prophet with a word, in which they could believe. Look, unnoticed people become internationally significant: small grows into a great world-wide. Within a century, Arabia had reached Granada (Spain) on the one hand and New Delhi (India) - on the other. Shining heroism and grandeur and the true light that shone through Arabia for many centuries in most parts of the world. Faith - majestic and invigorating. The history of the nation becomes fruitful, soul ennobling and great when it starts to believe. These Arabs - Companions of Muhammad - and one of this century - it not seem that the winning spark, one spark to the whole world, like obscure grain of sand? But here, the dust is explosive powder and brightly illuminate the heavens from Delhi to Grenada! I said that the great man always like lightning from heaven, and the other people expect it as fuel, and then they break out. "

So ended his speech by Thomas Carlyle, one of the greatest thinkers of the past century. This was on Friday, May 8, 1840 The theme was "The Hero in the person of the prophet," and his listeners were Anglicans - English Christians.


Allah chooses His Messengers, and Allah chooses His people. In the spiritual realm no nation has so much good, as Jewish, though Moses and mourned by his people:

You have been rebellious against the LORD from the day that

I knew you.

Deuteronomy 9:24

The Israelis are so excited his meek and gentle messenger, that in his last will and testament Moses was forced to scold their stubborn resistance and arrogant attitude to the leadership of God -

For I know thy rebellion and thy stiff neck: behold, I live with you now, you have been rebellious against the LORD: how much more after my death?

Deuteronomy 31:27

Alas, how true! I'm not going to philosophize about the choice of God, but in the next chapter, the fire of God's wrath kindled bright, and he blames the Jews:

They (the Jews) irritated me no god, their vain distressed me, and I am irritated to no nation, a nation grieved them senseless ...

Deuteronomy 32:21


Anyone who has at least a tiny bit of biblical knowledge, be able to guess who in the eyes of the arrogant racist Jews is "inhuman," a jerk and a nation of fools, if not their Ismaili cousins - Arabs, "wandering unnoticed in its deserts since the universe," as said Thomas Carlyle?

The Arabs. Alexander the Great passed them and left them unattended. The Persians left them unattended. The Egyptians left them unattended. And the Romans have left them unattended. To conquer and colonize them was like an unconditional obligation of every nation. But the Creator did not leave them unattended. He picked them up from the depths of darkness, and made them the bearers of light and learning for the whole world. "I am irritated them (Jews )...» This jealousy is a disease of cultivated. Think of Sarah and Hagar, Abraham's two wives - the beloved of Allah. Jealousy of Sarah passed on to her children and then - and tribal peoples, who were not born yet.

I recently read a book about medical discovery, written by a Jewish doctor. Unfortunately, I can not remember the name of the author and could not find the book again. But the words of tribute given by a Jewish author that his Semitic (Arab) cousins left me impressed. I quote it from memory:

"The shepherds of goats and camels, sitting on the throne of the Caesars."

Full of malice, venom and sarcasm, but how true! This is - what is done and is doing Allah. It rewards whom He wills. He does so in order to show His mighty power!

If you turn away, He will replace you by another people, and they will not be like you.

The Holy Quran 47:38

The fact that in the stagnant waters of the Arabian flourished a group of people - Companions of the Prophet - that within a few short decades could erect a magnificent civilization, prostrate from the Pyrenees to the gates of China, is certainly one of the greatest wonders of history.

Abd al-Wadud Shalabi in his book

"Islam - the religion of life"


The above-mentioned is the exact fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus Christ - the last of the great Jewish prophets - the replacement of the Jewish people in the field of spiritual guidance to people. Here are the words of the Master:

Therefore say I unto you (Jews), taken away from you (the Jews) the kingdom of God and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

Matthew 21:43


Words of the Master


And Jesus said to the son of Mary: "O Children of Israel! I - the Messenger of Allah to you, confirming that which was revealed to me in the Torah, and the glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me whose name shall be Ahmad. "

Holy Quran 61:6

The common feature

Even a cursory glance, a fleeting perusal of the preceding verse to convince Muslims that Jesus Christ really prophesied the coming of the Messenger Muhammad. Muslim stumped stubbornness, vanity, and the limitations of the Christian, which prevent him from seeing his own inner light and listen to their conscience, to see the obvious.

Christian, in turn, stumped senseless obstinacy of the Jews - a people gifted with great creative spirit, but in spite of a thousand and one prophecy in his own Bible (Old Testament) about the coming of the Messiah is not able to find his master and "savior." Are they both a little blind?

No! Neither Jews nor Christians are not immune to the terminally truth. The trouble is that we are all children acquire their prejudices. Americans call these people "programmed." A simple reading of poetry or listening to lectures in order to be prim satisfaction from the fact that you're in the know will not help spread the truth. Today - the era of the average person. Professional era has ended. The duty of every Muslim - man, woman or child to engage in it. Each - according to his abilities. Right now, learn the verse above, as well as quotes before and after him, that you were armed in order to share our religion with non-Muslims. The call to Islam, there is no easy way out!


Perhaps you have not read the first time, or may have heard of the prophecies in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures concerning the coming of the last messenger of Allah Muhammad, which was a mercy to all mankind. Perhaps you once made half-hearted, poor efforts to assume that the prophecies of our holy prophet is in the Holy Bible. But when you demanded from asserting, you just were not able to do it because you're not prepared for this. Remember, nothing replaces hard work. I believe in what I say and I do what I preach. Insha Allah!

I memorized the selected passages from the Bible in a dozen different languages, including Arabic and Hebrew. Not for the demonstration of knowledge - these "scraps of religion" creates an opportunity for me to call for our faith, different language groups. Language - is the key to the hearts of people.


Despite numerous assurances, in Cairo, I was stranded for lack of a visa. Good gentleman from Al-Azhar, who was trying to help us get the necessary documents have been frustrated by delays and instead attend the Friday prayer, he took me and my son Yusuf to the young Egyptian woman, dressed in western clothes.

After much effort, and long after she came back to us with good news. "Forty dollars," - she said. I asked, "Why?" "For visa" - she answered. Twenty dollars for me and twenty for my son. "But I - the guest of your government" - I insisted. She said she knew nothing about it, so I smiled and paid.

Speech and manners lady, I felt that she was well educated and cultured, so I bravely asked her name in my broken Arabic. However, her name was so new to me, that I remember. I asked her: "You - a Muslim?" She said, "No, I - Egyptian Christian." This was the opportunity, which I expected. I began: "Do you know that before Jesus Christ parted from this world, he said to his disciples ..." - and I'm quoting - this time on a thorough Arabic - Arabic verse from the Bible that I learned just such of cases.

Lyakin shark lyakum-ul-Haqq. Innahu Hyrum lyakum en antalika liannahu Institute lam antalik ya'tikum la-ul-mu'azzi. Ba Lyakin Institute zahabtu ursiluhu ileykum


I did not even need to translate for her in Arabic, because, being an Arab, she has understood it. But for those who do not know Arabic, I give an exact translation of this verse from the Bible, which I also tried to remember in my spare time. And if you truly love Allah's religion and wish to share it with others, you too can find this free time.

But I tell you the truth: it is better for you that I go for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send it to you ...

John 16:7


I implore my brothers, who can read Arabic quote, learn it together with a translation and find a way to apply it. Learn these verses in other languages, you know. It will be marked improvement in your comprehensive knowledge of the language and the ability to preach Islam among the people.

The word "Comforter" in Arabic means "al-Mu'azzi." I asked the lady, "Who is the" comforter "in this prophecy?" She said, "I do not know." She spoke the truth and did not go around it. Then I said in the Holy Quran says that Jesus Christ told his disciples:

... And the good tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmad.

Holy Quran 61:6

I continued, "Ahmad - another name of Muhammad, and Muhammad - this is the" Al-Mu'azzi. '" "Very funny" - she said - "these Egyptians (meaning the Egyptians-Muslims) lead us (meaning Christian women) in film, dance, but nobody ever told us about al-Mu'azzi! "Through this woman Allah - swt! - I armed the "fourteen-foot hammer" before leaving Cairo Airport. Praise be to Allah - I used this hammer!

A detailed explanation of the Comforter al Mu'azzi from the Gospel of John (16:7) and of Ahmad (Muhammad) from the Holy Quran (61:6) was given together with an explanation of the verses that open this chapter.


Remember that in the sixth century of the Christian era, when Muhammad glorify the word of Allah which has been systematically "invested in his mouth", the Arabic Bible has not yet been translated. It in no way could know that he literally performed and confirmed the words of his predecessor Jesus.


1. And Jesus said to the son of Mary: "O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah, to you ...

Jesus sent only to Jews ...

These twelve Jesus sent forth and commanded them, saying, in the way of the Gentiles, and do not go in the city of the Samaritans enter not;

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Matthew 10:5-6

And not to the dogs

And behold a woman of Canaan came out of those places, shouted to him: Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David, my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, Send her away for she crieth after us.

He said in reply: I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

But she came and knelt before him and saying, Lord, Help me.

He answered and said, It is not to take the children's bread and cast it to dogs.

Matthew 15:22-26

It does honor to the Jewish prophet to this - he did what he preached. During his life he did not pay into the faith of any non-Jew. And he wanted to make sure that his chosen ones (twelve) belonged to his family in order to be fulfilled another of his prophecy: "... when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, and you sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel "(Matthew 16:28).


2. ... Confirming the truth of that which was revealed to me in the Torah ...

Messiah was not a soft-spoken ambassador to the Jews. Like its predecessors - Amos, Ezekiel, Isayye, Jeremiah - he was harsh in his condemnation of Jewish formalism and hypocrisy. His new approach and actively preaching caused some concern in the religious hierarchy. The scribes and Pharisees, again and again came to him, exposing his clean test intent.

To divert their suspicions and prove that he did not bring "newly-made" religion was the confirmation exercises that were before him, Jesus said:

Do not think that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy but to fulfill.

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth disappear, not one jot or one tittle may not pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:17-19

Compare the words "... confirming the truth of that which was revealed to me in the Torah ..." - seven words cited at the beginning of this chapter - with three verses from the Gospel of Matthew, and you'll notice that in the Qur'anic language no verbiage. He eloquently, clearly and accurately conveys the message of Allah.

"Father of Truth chooses His prophets, and He speaks to them more powerful voice than the voice of thunder."

Syed Ameer Ali in his book "The Spirit of Islam"

The Quran was revealed to confirm, correct and complete divine revelation, but rather - what's left of it in unworthy hands.

This Koran could not have been invented by anyone other than Allah, but he has confirmed the truth of what has been revealed to him, and exposition of Scripture - no doubt - from the Lord of the Worlds.

The Holy Quran 10:37


3. and tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmad.

I do not apologize and do not have to apologize for being present here verbatim comment from Yusuf Ali English translation of the word "Ahmad". But before I allow myself to give proper tribute to the hard copy center, King Fahd Holy Quran in Medina, brightest, which publishes millions of copies of the Quran in many languages.

Their motive for the translation of Yusuf Ali, a key to their publications, summarized in the following words:

"Many people in the past were resolved on the translation of the Koran, but their works were generally private endeavors, highly susceptible to the influence of their own prejudices. To make a reliable translation, free from prejudices, responsible for the two holy mosques King Fahd bin Abd al-Aziz, at the time - Deputy Prime Minister issued a decree number 19 888 of 16/08/1400 AH ... As a result, significant benefits, such as the elegant style and selection of the closest in meaning to the words of the original text has been selected translation of Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Ali, complete with scientific notes and comments. "

Commission on Islamic studies, Ifta

"Call and leadership"

The translation of Yusuf Ali - more than six thousand notes with thorough explanations. This is - one of the three, explaining the prophecy of Jesus concerning the coming of the Messenger Muhammad.

COMMENT № 5438:

Ahmad, Muhammad, or, which means "praised" - this is a rough translation of the Greek word Periklitos. In the present day the Gospel of John 14:16, 15:26, 16:7 the word "Comforter" corresponds to the Greek word Parakletos, meaning more of a "defender", "designed to aid another good friend," rather than "Comforter." Our doctors say the word Parakletos - this is a distorted version of the word Periklitos, which in the actual words of the prophecy of Jesus was the name of our holy Prophet Ahmad. And even if we read Parakletos, this implies the Holy Prophet, who was a "mercy to the worlds" (St. K. 21:107) and "the faithful - meek, merciful" (St. K. 9:128). See also footnote 416 to St. K. (3:81).

4. When he came to them with Clear Signs, they said: "This is - obvious sorcery!"

Thus ends chapter 61 verse 6, we have discussed. "The Prophet of Islam was foretold in many ways, and when he came, it showed us many clear signs. His whole life from beginning to end was a huge miracle. He fought and won in an unequal struggle. Not learning any one person, he taught the greatest wisdom. He softened the rough heart, strengthened by those who were fragile and needed support. In all his utterances and actions of a man of insight can see that there is attached a hand of Allah. " Nevertheless, skeptics call it magic, deception, magic.

Poddelschik and liar! No! No! This is a flaming heart, seething like a huge hearth thoughts, my heart was not a cheater.

Thomas Carlyle in a book

"Heroes and worship them," p.88

They called it a miraculous fulfillment of prophecy magic, deception, witchcraft ... They are named so that was the most compelling fact in the history of mankind - Islam!



For someone who sincerely seeks the truth, it is clear that Muhammad - is promised Parakletos, or comforter, which is in the prophecies of Jesus in the Gospel of St. John is also known as a savior, protector, etc. Millions of Christians, both men and women, such as our dear lady in the Cairo airport, crave this simple message, a leading real way. But alas, we are with Jesus can only mourn our complete stupidity.

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Matthew 9:37


The Holy Qur'an Allah Almighty put into the mouth of Jesus name Ahmad, which is another name of Muhammad. Christian polemicist, an expert on the Bible and an ardent supporter of the gospel, lightly mocking of the message. The Christian preacher is not to deny that Jesus made a prophecy about the coming of someone behind him. But Ahmad seems to them too unnatural.

In the Christian world the most appropriate name is "comforter." In fact, it is not important, we called the Comforter, or any other equivalent term. We concentrate on the Comforter, which is used in the most popular translation of the Bible into English - "King James Version."

Ask your opponent or debater, whether Jesus spoke in English? "Of course not!" - Say every Christian. If you share with an Arab-Christian, then ask him whether he used "God" word "al-mu'azzi"? Of course not, because he did not speak Arabic. Was it a prophecy of Jesus' umtokozisi "(" comforter "in Zulu), or" truster "(from the Bible in Afrikaans)? And the answer is again - of course NOT!

Christians are rightly proud that they translated the Bible entirely on hundreds of different languages, and the New Testament, which abounds in this prophecy - more than 2000 different languages and dialects. Thus, the Christian genius has invented more than 2000 different names for more than 2,000 different languages for one candidate - Comforter.

"PNEUMATIC" ghost or spirit?

Church fathers spread the disease, translating the names of people in that they have no rights. For example, Isau - to Jesus, the Messiah - in Christ, Cephas - for Peter, etc.

The closest pronunciation to the authentic words of Jesus in Christian writings is the Greek word "parakletos", which must also be rejected, because the teacher did not speak Greek! But let's not complicate this goal and take the Greek word "parakletos" and its English equivalent "comforter."

Ask any scientist and a Christian, to whom belongs the word "Comforter"? You will undoubtedly hear - "the Comforter - the Holy Spirit!" From the Gospel of John (14:26). This offer is only part of the 26th verse. We duly consider this verse as a whole. But in the beginning, we should familiarize themselves with the Christian view, paying attention to this wrong term - "Holy Spirit". "Pneuma" - is the Greek root word "spirit." In the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament there is no separate word for the word "ghost." Christians today are proud to have owned 24 000 different manuscripts, among which there is not even 2 identical!

Editors' King James Version, "also known as" Authorized version ", and" the Roman Catholic version "of the Bible gave preference to the word" ghost "on the word" spirit "in the translation of the word" pneuma. "

Proofreaders' Revised Standard Version, "the most modern version of the Bible, back, allegedly the oldest manuscripts. These correctors are presented as "thirty-two scholars of higher vibrancy age of fifty years of different faiths," boldly replaced the dubious word "ghost" with the word "spirit." Since you are all modern translations read: "But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit ..." However, the Christian social activists and televangelisty stubbornly cling to the "ghost" of the past. They do not choose the modern versions. Fish better with the old bait - "King James Version" and "Roman Catholic version."

After further changes the word "spirit" of experiencing sight read this verse as follows:

But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you all that I told you. (Emphasis added by author).

The Gospel of John 14:26

You do not need to be a biblical scholar of any level, to feel that the expression "Holy Spirit" is in fact an interpolation. He should be in brackets, round or square, like my words, which were inserted into the passage - "emphasis added by the author." Although the editors have deleted dozens of WIS interpolations from their boasted "Revised Standard Version," they kept that annoying phrase that contradicts other explicit predictions of Jesus for the very Comforter.


a) It should be noted that no biblical scholar of any rank has never equated "parakletosa" in the original Greek of John's Gospel to "the holy ghost." Now we can safely say that if the Comforter is the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit - this is a holy prophet!

As Muslims, we recognize that every true prophet of God is holy and sinless. But when the phrase "holy prophet" is used among Muslims, usually referred to by the Holy Prophet Muhammad. And even if we accept that inappropriate expression of "the Comforter, the Holy Spirit ..." as gospel truth, even if this prophecy fit Muhammad like a glove - without any adjustment of values.

The same John, the presumed author of the Gospel that bears his name, has written three letters, which are also part of the Christian Bible. Amazingly, he used the term "Holy Ghost" in respect of the Holy Prophet:

Beloved Do not believe every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

The First Epistle of John 4:1

You may notice that the word "spirit" is used here as a synonym for "prophet." The true spirit of a true prophet, but a lying spirit - a false prophet. But the so-called "born again" Christians who are looking at all emotional look, I recommend getting into the hands of an authorized "King James Version of the" KI Scofield, who with an editorial committee of nine doctors of theology added the observations and comments. When they get to the first word "spirit" in the above verse, they will be instructed to compare it with a verse from the Gospel of Matthew (7:15), which confirms that the false prophets - is deceitful spirits. Thus, in accordance with the Gospel of St. John, the Holy Spirit is a holy prophet and the holy prophet - Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Effective test

But St. John has not left us "hanging in the air", wondering where the truth and a lie. He invited us to "test" in order to find out the true prophet, saying:

Learn the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is

from God.

1st Epistle of John 4:2

In accordance with its own interpretation of St. John in the first verse the word "spirit" is synonymous with the word "prophet." Therefore, in the second verse of "Spirit of God" means "a prophet of God", and "every spirit" - "just a prophet." You have a right to know that the holy Prophet Muhammad said about Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ in the Holy Quran mentions the name of at least 25 times. His honored names:

Isa ibn Maryam - Jesus, Son of Mary

Al-Saleh - the righteous

Kalimatov-y-illallah - the Word of God

Roc-a-illallah - The Spirit of Allah

The Messiah-in-illallah - Christ God

That the angels said: "O Mary! Allah gives you glad tidings of a word from Him whose name is Messiah Jesus son of Mary. He is glorified in this world and in the Hereafter, and one of those close to ..."

The Holy Quran 3:45

Muhammad - THIS "OTHER"

b) the Comforter in John (14:26) could not be the holy ghost, because Jesus explained:

And I will pray the Father, and give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever.

The Gospel of John 14:16

The emphasis here is on the word "other", ie someone else, an extra, but the same type, clearly and distinctly different from the first. Who, then, first Comforter? The Christian world is unanimous that in this case, the speaker himself - Jesus Christ - is the Comforter. Then another, who would follow him, must be of the same nature with the same state of hunger, thirst, fatigue, sorrow and death.

But the promised Comforter was to "be with us forever!" No one lives forever. Jesus was mortal, so the coming Comforter also be mortal. Neither the son of man can not be immortal.

Every soul tastes of death ...

Holy Qur'an 3:185


In fact, the soul does not die, but when it is at death from the body, it partakes of death. But our Comforter was supposed to live forever, continue to stand the test of time. All Comforters live with us forever. Moses is with us today in his teaching. Jesus is also with us today in his teaching. God bless them all, and Allah will grant them peace! This - not my idea of a new, undertaken to justify the absurd. I say this with confidence and on the basis of the speeches of Jesus Christ.

In the 16th chapter of Luke Jesus told us the parable of "the rich man and a beggar." After his death they found themselves at opposite ends - one in heaven, and another - in hell. The rich man in hell boiling, appeals to his father Abraham, that he sent a beggar to quench his thirst. But when the petition was unsuccessful, he is the last favor, asking that Father Abraham send the beggar back to earth to live, he warned his brother about the impending doom if they are negligent to the warnings of Allah.

Then Abraham said to him: "If Moses and the prophets did not listen, then, if someone rises from the dead, they will not believe."

The Gospel of Luke 16:31

Jesus explained this fact centuries after the death of Israel's prophets such as Jeremiah, Osia, Zechariah and others and after more than 1,300 years after Moses. Like the Pharisees in Jesus, today we can still hear "Moses and the prophets," because they are still today live with us in his teachings.


Some might say that the Comforter was promised to the closest disciples of Jesus, not the people who lived 600 years later:

... And give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever.

The Gospel of John 14:16

Surprisingly, the Christian does not see such difficulties in explaining the fulfillment of the prophecy, "until the times of all" or thousands of years later, as Peter recalled this in his second sermon to the Jews:

Moses said: "The Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; obey him in everything he might be talking to you."

Acts 3:22

All of these "your, your and you" - from the eighteenth chapter of Deuteronomy, where Moses said to his people, and not to the time of Peter the Jews a thousand three hundred years. The authors of the Gospel put into the mouth of his teacher like composting words that are about two thousand years pleading awaiting execution. I think that would be enough just one example:

When they persecute you in one town, flee to another. For verily I say unto you not have gone over the cities of Israel, Son of man cometh.

Matthew 10:23

Looking into the CLOUDS

These early followers of the Messiah constantly are on the run, abandoned to avoid persecution. They run from one city to another Israel, peering into every dark cloud, waiting for the arrival of Jesus from heaven a second time. Preachers do not find anything abnormal in the prophecy, not come true for a millennium, although God Almighty did not make them wait the coming of Parakletosa, Comforter or Ahmed - and this is another name for "vaunted" Muhammad - a quarter of the time. Let them express the same gratitude to God, acknowledging the last messenger of Allah Muhammad.


c) the Comforter, of course, is not the holy ghost, since the coming of the Paraclete was determined, while the arrival of the holy ghost is different from what we observe in the prophecy:

But I tell you the truth: it is better for you that I go for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send it to you ...

John 16:7

In the Holy Bible is full of examples of how the Holy Spirit came and went before the birth and care of the Messiah. Kindly check out these links on your Bible.

Before Christ

... and the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb

their own.

Luke 1:15

... and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Luke 1:41

And his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit ...

Luke 1:67


... and the Holy Spirit was upon him (Simeon).

Luke 2:26

And the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a

Dove ...

The Gospel of Luke 3:22

After reading these quotes it is impossible not to admire the holy Luke, who seems to have been an expert on the Holy Spirit. After the descent of the "dove" we can reasonably ask of a Christian, by whom or by how the Holy Spirit through Jesus performed his miracles numerous? Teacher let yourself give us the answer. After being convicted by his own people - the Jews - that it is acting in league with Beelzebub (Devils Head) to perform his miracles, Jesus asked them rhetorically: "How can Satan cast out Satan?" (Mark 3:23). Jews suspected that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God who helped them was demonic. It was a betrayal of the greatest commandment. So he made them a terrible warning:

... but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Matthew 12:31

This Holy Spirit, or Holy ghost - none other than the one which he himself has described Matthew three verses earlier:

But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then, of course, before you reach the kingdom of God.

Matthew 12:28

Compare this with a similar statement by another author of the Gospel:

But if I with the finger of God cast out demons, then, of course, before you reach the kingdom of God.

Luke 11:20

You do not need to be a biblical scholar to realize that the phrase "finger of God," "The Spirit of God" and "Holy Ghost" are synonymous. Hence, the Holy Spirit helped Jesus in his mission, as well as helping his apostles. The Holy Spirit helped to preach and heal. If you still have any doubt about the activities of the Holy Spirit, then read on.

Empty Promises

As the Father has sent me, so I send you (the apostles of Jesus). Having said this, He breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel of John 20:21-22

Of course, this was not an empty promise. The apostles must have gift of the Holy Spirit. Hence, if the Holy Spirit was with

1) John the Baptist

2) Elizabeth,

3) Zacharias

4) Simeon

5) Jesus and

6) Apostles of Jesus, all this makes the absurd words, "If I go not away, the Comforter will not come to you." Therefore, the Comforter - is not the Holy Spirit.

O6suzhdaemy verse - a verse 16:7 of the Gospel of John. I remember the thrill and fun due to it when I quoted him in Arabic, Coptic Christian in the land of the Pharaohs. Statement of Bible verses in their native language of the country or locality is a great pleasure. I've done it a dozen dialects. Explore and you above verse in one or two languages at their discretion for the benefit of Islam.

Afrikaans - a unique language

Of all the languages in which I learned the language under discussion, the greatest excitement and benefits I have learned from Afrikaans. This - the language of the dominant race in South Africa and the youngest of the world's languages. It is unique. In fact, every language is unique. But Afrikaans has a special place. It is the mother tongue than half the Muslim population of South Africa who were brought here as prisoners of war, enslaved Christians - it happened due to certain circumstances. I quote this verse is for them and for your knowledge:

Maar ek si julle die waarheit:

dit is wir julle voordelik dat ek

weggaan; want as ek NIE weggaan NIE,

sal die Trooster NIE na julle kom

NIE; maar as ek weggaan, sal ek hom na julle stuur.

John 16:7

Believe it or not! The genius of the language that uses four negation: Nie, Nie, Nie, Nie. All this in order to adopt a positive story. Care of Jesus - it is a prerequisite for joining the expected Comforter! This verse has opened many doors for me - non-religious - and closed the door to thinking about "the Comforter, the Holy Spirit ..." (John 14:26).


We went to the four most thorough and key verses 12th chapter of John's Gospel, to unravel the mystery of Christ's successor. Jesus spoke the truth:

I have much more to say to you, but you now can accommodate.

John 16:12

Later, when discussing this issue, we associate the word "much" of this verse with the phrase "guide you into all truth" from him poetry. Now let's discuss the phrase "... now you can not bear."

"... You can not bear them now" - the truth of this statement is repeated monotonously in the pages of the New Testament:

And (Jesus) said to them (the apostles): Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?

Matthew 8:26

... And (Jesus) said to him (Peter) of little faith ...

Matthew 14:31

Jesus said to them (the apostles): ye these things in themselves of little faith ...

Matthew 16:8

Then he (Jesus) said unto them (the apostles): Where is your faith?

Luke 8:25

We must keep in mind that this is - Jesus is not an indictment of fluctuations of the Jews, and his own choice. He descended to the level of young children to explain all his apostles, but was forced to give up -

Jesus said, Are ye also yet without understanding?

Matthew 15:16

And, being excited to the utmost, he withhold himself from their elected representatives:

O faithless and perverse generation! How long shall I be with you and suffer you?

Luke 9:41

His family also found it insane

If Jesus were a Japanese, rather than a Jew, he gladly would have done honor "hara-kiri." Unfortunately, he was the most unfortunate of the messengers of Allah. Even his family did not believe in him - "because his brothers did not believe in him" (John 7:5). In fact, they had reached the point that they decided to arrest him, because it felt insane.

And when he heard his neighbors went to take it, for they said, he lost his temper.

The Gospel of Mark 3:21

Who were the friends and relatives who cared about his sanity? Let's let the Reverend John R. Dummelou, MA, announce that he wrote the first volume of comments to the Bible. On page 726 he wrote:

"By the 31st Poems (only ten verses before the last verse).

Apparently, it was his mother and brothers ... His family said: "He is beside himself" (meaning that he was insane pomutnen). And the scribes said, "They took possession of Satan himself." However, this does not mean that his family was in full agreement with the Scribes (Jewish scholars). Their concerns have been caused only by the fact that his mind was upset and he needed in prison. "

JESUS - THE PEOPLE ostracized by their

That was the verdict of the immediate family of Jesus. What was the answer of his own people, the Jews, after all his great sermons and great miracles? His disciples are gently described this:

He came to His own, and his own received him not.

The Gospel of John 1:11

In fact, "their" ridiculed, despised and rejected him violently to the point that attempted to crucify him. Despite two thousand years of persecution and pogroms by Christians and their arrogant and passionate love to them today to soothe his conscience, the Jews simply can not accept Jesus as their Savior, Deliverer, God simply because of a strong conviction-

No Jew will not accept another Jew FOR GOD!

It is only in Islam, Jews, Christians and Muslims can find a compromise. They all believe in something, who really was Jesus Christ - one of the mightiest Messengers of Allah, not God and not His Son!

Apostles left

What was the answer chosen twelve, of whom Jesus said: "Behold my mother and my brothers ..." (Mark 3:34), when he addressed them? I'll let Professor Momeri characterize his own inimitable words:

"His closest disciples constantly misunderstood him and his conduct: they wanted to, he called down fire from heaven, and they wanted to, he declared himself King of the Jews, they would sit on his right and left hand in his kingdom, and they wanted him to show his Father, God made visible to their human eyes, and they want it to or they did something that was inconsistent with his grand plans. That was their attitude to the last moment. When he arrived, they all deserted him and fled. "

Syed Ameer Ali in his book "The Spirit of Islam", page 31

The fact that Jesus Christ had no actual choice in the election of the apostles, was his greatest failure. They brought him more than ever a group of supporters do not let down his prophet. But this was no fault of teachers. He

grieved by their position: "The spirit indeed is willing, the flesh is weak" (Matthew 26:41). Indeed, it was not clay, from which he could be a new Adam. He handed over this responsibility to his successor - the Spirit of truth, the prophet of truth, the prophet of righteousness!

"Spirit" and "The Prophet" - SYNONYMS

When he comes, the Spirit of Truth, will guide you into all truth ...

The Gospel of John 16:13

It has already been established that in the Bible, the word "spirit" is used as a synonym for the word "prophet" from the same author in the First Epistle of John 4:1 (see "PNEUMATIC" ghost or spirit?).

From now on we will call the Spirit of truth of truth the prophet - a prophet, which embodies the truth. He walked through life as honestly and diligently so that even among his fellow-pagans, he earned a noble reputation "as-Sadiq" (truthfully), "Al-Amin" (honest, direct, and credible), the glory of human speech, which never This does not impair his promises. His life, his personality, his teachings are genuine proof that Muhammad was the epitome of truth, the Spirit of truth!



"Many" and "all"

As promised earlier, we now combine the twelfth verse, "yet many things to say to you" with the thirteenth verse, "guide you into all truth" of the 16 chapters of the Gospel of John.

If the Christian still persists that the Spirit of truth in this prophecy is the Holy Spirit (ghost), then ask him or her, does that mean in their language the word "much" more than one? Also ask, does the word "any" in the above verse, more than one. If you hear a wavering and indecisive "and Dr.", then close the book - it is not necessary to continue the dialogue with stubborn fools. If you get a live answer "yes", then continue ...

One whom Jesus prophesied, would explain many things that he left unspoken, and to lead mankind into all truth. Today humanity is faced with many challenges, the answers to which we are looking awkwardly. Can you provide me one new thing called the Holy Spirit (ghost), reported someone for the last two thousand years, and that Jesus Christ has not been reported to be a very different words? I do not want a lot - I'm looking for at least one!


Believe me, for my forty years of searching I have not met a single Christian with at least one of the "new truth", inspired by the Holy Spirit, though the promise says that the coming Comforter "will guide you into all truth!" If the Spirit of truth in this prophecy is the Holy Spirit (ghost), then every church and sect, every "born again" Christian, would claim the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Roman Catholics claim that they have any truth, through the so-called "permanent residence" with the Holy Spirit. The same claim Anglicans, Methodists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventists, semidnevniki, Baptists, hristadelfiytsy and many others, including "re-born" who claim that they only in the United States, 70 million.

You have the right to demand solutions from them by the Holy Spirit the following problems:

1. Alcohol.

2. Games of chance.

3. Divination.

4. Worship of idols and Satan.

5. Racism.

6. The problem of the numerical excess of women, etc.


In South Africa with a small "white" people - only 4 million of the total population of 30 million - has more than 300 thousand alcoholics. In neighboring Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda calls such people "drunkards!" Noted that among the "colored" in South Africa are five times more alcoholics than among any other race in the country. No statistics of drunkards among the Indians and Africans.

Televangelist Jimmy Svoggard in his book "Alcohol," noted that in the United States, 11 million alcoholics and 44 million "heavy drinkers", and he, like a good Muslim, goes on to say that he sees no difference between them. For him they are all drunks. Rampant evil of drunkenness is universal. The Holy Spirit is still not uttered a sentence this evil through any of the churches. The Christian world blind eye to drinking because of the flimsy excuses of three in the Holy Bible:

a) Give strong drink to perish, and wine sorry soul;

Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember his misery no more.

Proverbs 31:6-7

Agree, very friendly philosophy in order to keep down subject nations.

His very first miracle

b) Jesus was not a "killjoy." Drinkers say that he turned water into wine, that was his first miracle recorded in the Bible:

Jesus saith unto them, Fill the jars with water. And they filled them to the top.

And he said unto them, Draw out now and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they took it.

When the steward tasted the water now become wine - and he did not know where it came from, knew the servants who had drawn the water, - the governor calls the groom

And he said unto him, Every man at the good wine first, and when men have drunk freely, then the poor, and you kept the good wine until now.

The Gospel of John 2:7-10

After this miracle attributed to him wine in the Christian world continues to flow the river.

Sober Council

a) St. Paul, the thirteenth appointed himself an apostle of Christ and the true founder of Christianity, advises his protege Timothy convert, born from the Greek and Jew:

Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach and your frequent ailments.

First Epistle to Timothy 5:23

Christians accept all of the above biblical quotation about the stimulating and intoxicating drinks to the infallible word of God. They believe that the Holy Spirit inspired the authors to write these dangerous advice. However, the Reverend Dummelou seem to have doubts about this verse. He said:

"This teaches us that if the body needs to stimulants (wine), then take it sparingly is true."


A thousand Christian ministers were alcoholics, taking small doses of the so-called "weak wine" during church ceremonies of Holy Communion. Islam is the only religion on earth which prohibits intoxicants drinks. The Holy Prophet (spirit), Muhammad said: "That which intoxicates in large quantities, it is forbidden even in small quantities." In the house of Islam, there is no justification in small sips or small glass. The book of truth, "Kitab al-Haqq" - one of the names of the Holy Qur'an - the most decisive words condemn not only the evil of alcohol but also items 2, 3 and 4 - namely, gambling, divination and idolatry, relying on only one crucial argument -

O ye who believe! Indeed, an intoxicating drink, gambling, (sacrifice) on stone altars (and divination) arrows on - it is an abomination of Satan's actions. So avoid this - maybe you'll be happy.

The Holy Quran 5:93

When I was sent down this verse, barrels of wine were poured into the streets of Medina, that is never filled. This is a direct indication of the Muslim community has made, the ummah, the great temperance society in the world.

"Dry law" in the United States fails

The question arises, how the Spirit of truth - the holy prophet Muhammad - has reached its goal in a word, while the mighty America, which has the power of the mind of the nation and the power of money his government, backed by a powerful propaganda machine, failed with the "dry law" prohibiting alcohol?

Who led the American nation to introduce a "dry law"? Which Arab nation threatened this mighty force that if they do not ban alcohol in their country, they would not supply them with oil? But the Arabs were not the case, because in the 20s in the hands of the Arabs was not such a "political weapon", such as oil, to hallow the United States. This was the intellectual consciousness of the American "fathers" based on science and statistics, which led them to conclude - intoxicating drinks should be banned. But they failed, despite the fact that the vast majority of the nation - Christians, and that they brought the voices of congressional power. It's truly said that what comes from the brain, tickle the mind and what comes from the heart and soul, moves the heart. The above verse of the Holy Quran was and is a force capable of change foundations. We will allow Thomas Carlyle to disclose the source of this power:

"If the book comes from the heart, then it can reach up to other hearts. All art and creativity are the result of this a little. Every person is bound to say that the most important characteristic of the Koran is its authenticity and truth. "

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