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A new branch was opened in Bukhara

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It is known that ''Hilol'' Publishing House was founded in 2013 by Sheikh Muhammad Sadik Muhammad Yusuf Hadrat. Since then, the publishing house has been expanding its business by following the steps of success. Specifically, the books were initially only sold in stores in Tashkent, but later opened branches in regions. One of the latest such news was the opening of an official branch of the ''Hilol'' Publishing House in Bukhara. It is a joyful occasion for all of us.

This is the tenth official store of the ''Hilol'' publishing house, and prices are the same in all our stores.

The official store of ''Hilol'' in Bukhara is located at 1 Ibn Sino Street, Bukhara city. Target: Samarkand Gate C-Market.

Contact phone: +99897 239 29 27.

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