1441 year 21 muharram | 2019 year 20 september, friday
Prayer times Azan
The previous prophets used their material miracles in their place. But even with their deaths, all the miracles were gone. Because their prophecy depends on a particular people, a particular place, and a specific time.To Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the Holy Quran was given as more...

26 12:49 / 18 september
A Muslim must have a specific belief to the creation in the existence. The most important of these are four1. Man.2. The Angel.3. The Jinn.4. The causal law of existence.Let us examine them in detail.Man.A Muslim has to believe in a few human truths. Allah says in Surah alIsra``We have honored the more...

36 11:55 / 13 september
Death is a known and famous phenomenon. Everybody knows it, and every time and again people witness this fact. There is no a human being who does not know death or does not remember it. But deathrelated things belong completely to the unseen. They cannot be seen, felt, or compared.It is worth more...

36 14:53 / 04 september
No one but Allah knows when the Hour will come. However, much has been learned about some of the signs that will appear when the end comes closer. Of course, this information is mainly mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad.Judgment DayThe meaning of the word Judgment is to stand teak. more...

33 14:28 / 04 september
Belief in the divine books is one of the pillars of the Islamic faith. It is impossible to have iman without this belief. To believe in the divine books is to believe that those books are the word of Allah.We believe in the fact that Allah has sent down His Books to His Messengers. God knows the more...

35 14:26 / 04 september
Before seeking a source of happiness for the human, one must first consider the origin, truth, status, responsibilities and other concepts of that person.According to the Islamic creed, man is a person created by Allahs own hands, breathed into him of His Spirit, preferable and honored by more...

20 10:25 / 31 august
AbudDarda reportedThe Messenger of Allah May Allah bless him and grant him peace said, The learned are the heirs of the Prophets.
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