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Inheritance rules

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Inheritance rules are three:

1. The testator

2. The heir.

3. Inheritance.

Conditions of inheritance are three:

1. A verdict on the actual death or death of the testator.

"Judgment of Death" - there is a suspicion that one person has died but no one has ever seen him die. The case will be heard in court. If the judge examines all the information and decides, "This man must have died," his property will be inherited.

2. The heirs must be alive at the time of the deceased's death. This means that if two or more people who are entitled to inherit from one another die at the same time, they cannot inherit from one another.

This often happens during tragic events. Several people from one family and one progeny may die in floods and other disasters. These people will not be able to inherit from one another. For example, when father and son die as a result of an accident and do not know which one has died before, they do not inherit from each other. The property of each of them is distributed to the living heirs.

And it should be waited until the fetus child is born, because he is the soul, and shall have the right of inheritance. For example, one person died. His wife is pregnant.  People wait until the fetus birth. The deceased's inheritance is distributed after the birth of the infant, depending on his son or daughter.

3. Determination of the right of kinship and inheritance.

The inheritance distributor should know exactly how each heir is related to the testator. They determine whether a relative is entitled to an inheritance and then divides the inheritance. They then study their kinship levels. Such information is essential for inheritance.

After collecting this information, selection of applicants for succession begins. Because some relatives may be denied the right to inherit.

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