1441 year 21 muharram | 2019 year 20 september, friday
Prayer times Azan
Jabir ibn Abdullah reported that Allahs Messenger peace and blessings of Allah be upon him visited Umm Saib and said Umm Saib, why is it that you are shivering She said It is fever and may it not be blessed by Allah, whereupon he said Dont curse fever for it expiates the sin of the children of more...

18 15:45 / 17 september
During the meetings, two people do not whisper in each others ears and do not speak secret, some of the members of the assembly do not speak the language that others do not know. When two people talk a secret to each other, the third one does not listen between them.Narrated AbdullahThe Prophet more...

38 13:32 / 12 september
Narrated Anas ibn MalikThe Immigrants Muhajirun said Messenger of Allah the Helpers Ansar got the entire reward. He said no, so long as you pray to Allah for them and praise them.The Ansar have done unprecedented good things to the Immigrants in the history of mankind. When they migrated, they were more...

29 13:33 / 08 september
Abu Said AlKhudri reported Allahs Apostle peace and blessings of Allah be upon him as saying Avoid sitting on the paths. They his Companions said Allahs Messenger, there is no other help to it but to sit there as we hold our meetings and discuss matters there. Thereupon Allahs Messenger peace and more...

35 20:28 / 07 september
Abraham peace be upon him never lied. Allah informs about this in the Quran, and Rasulullahmay peace be upon him has mentioned this fact in one of his hadith. Only three times he spoke lies but it was truth. First When the polytheists invited to their festivals, he said, I am illness. The more...

23 10:34 / 31 august
AbudDarda reportedThe Messenger of Allah May Allah bless him and grant him peace said, The learned are the heirs of the Prophets.
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