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Samarkand to host International Islamic Conference

09:29 / 03 march 141 Reading mode + -

Samarkand will host international conference on “Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi and teachings of Maturidi: past and present”. UzA.uz reported.

At the press conference, information was provided about the goals and significance of the upcoming major event organized by the Committee on Religious Affairs, Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan, International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, Center for Islamic Civilization in Uzbekistan, Imam Bukhari International Research Center, Academy of Sciences and other ministries and agencies together with Al-Azhar Complex (Egypt).

International conference is expected to be attended by a delegation led by the head of Al-Azhar Complex, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, as well as religious figures, Islamic scholars, heads of prestigious education institutions and research centers from almost 70 countries such as Germany, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

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