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64 children returned from Iraq to our homeland

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According to a representative of the special operation "Mehr-2", the operation to return 64 children to Uzbekistan began six months ago. This is reported by uza.uz. During this time, the children who returned from Iraq were contacted by their relatives in Uzbekistan and it was resolved to find out to place them in whom families.

Also, the parents of the children voluntarily agreed to send their children to relatives in Uzbekistan. t is been debated that the arrested Uzbek women in Iraq will be returned to Uzbekistan, along with their children. Iraqi government officials say they have been arrested as terrorists.

Children are placed in a health facility for a period of time. Experts provide comprehensive medical, psychological and social support to them. Hot meals will be provided for children at the sanatorium and they will be given new clothes. They will be handed over to their families in Uzbekistan after their rehabilitation.

It is also planned to provide financial assistance to relatives who take care of the children. More children are expected to be returned from the battlefield soon.

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