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Cape Town Mosques Given Top Awards

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Gatesville Mosque was awarded “South Africa’s Most Inclusive Mosque”, while Quloobul Mo’meneen Mosque in Goodwood received the “Best Centre for Educational Projects” and “Best Youth Service” awards.

Radio Islam International launched the Radio Islam Masjid Awards this year, inviting mosques from across South Africa to participate.

Over three months, submissions were made that covered many aspects of the running of a mosque, including transparency, governance, provision of facilities, outreach and youth programs.

The Gatesville Mosque, established 30 years ago, has become internationally recognized for its acclaimed “open door” policy, allowing for the house of worship to be accessible to as wide a spectrum of people as possible.

Quloobul Mo’meneen Mosque is a small masjid in Goodwood established in 1935, and has several community outreach and youth-based programs.

The mosques committee chairperson, Mogamad Safedien, said the mosque was a finalist in six of the categories.

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