1443 year 1 dhul hijja | 2022 year 30 june, thursday
Prayer times Azan
Numan ibn Bashir radiallahu anhu reported thatThe Messenger of Allah peace be upon him used to recite on two Ids and in Friday prayer Glorify The name of Thy Lord, the Most High , and Has there come to thee the news of the overwhelming event . And when the Id and Jumuah combined on a day he more...

652 10:30 / 01.05.2020
Every Muslim should regard it binding and pay attention to reading the biographies of the pious predecessors as well as the academic and practical lives of the leaders of the past

511 10:29 / 29.04.2020
Narrated Abu Huraira radiallahu anhuThe Prophet peace be upon him said, If anyone of you rouses from sleep, he should wash his nose by putting water in it and then blowing it out thrice, because Satan has stayed in the upper part of his nose all the night. Narrated Abu Huraira radiallahu more...

521 10:27 / 27.04.2020
As Ramadan is a month full of blessings and one of the most generous blessings by Allah during the month of Ramadan is the opportunity of having our Supplications accepted. Narrated by Abu Hurairah radiallahu anhu that Prophet peace be upon him said There are three whose supplication is not more...

1311 17:19 / 24.04.2020
Healthy eyes look clear, vibrant and give a more youthful appearance that those that look dull and tired. Our eyes in particular, are more susceptible to damage from lifestyle and environmental factors than any other organ. The good news is that high quality nutrition, as well as improving more...

435 10:06 / 23.04.2020
Islamic knowledge was recorded to establish the truth, discredit falsehood and then act accordingly

602 10:38 / 20.04.2020
Dr Justin Barrett, a senior researcher at the University of Oxfords Centre for Anthropology and Mind, claims that young people have a predisposition to believe in a supreme being because they assume that everything in the world was created with a purpose.He says that young children have faith even more...

564 17:19 / 18.04.2020
There are three factors to a persons age1 His age based on time, this is from the day he is born.2 His intellectual age This is based on the faculty of understanding divinely gifted to him by Allah. Sometimes his intellect could be more advanced than his actual age, sometimes it could be more...

512 10:02 / 15.04.2020
It is narrated on the authority of Horis Ghanawi Rubai ibn Harrash swore not to laugh until he did not know where he was going in the Hereafter. The ghasal washer who washed him after his death said Rubai ibn Harrash smiled from the beginning to the end of the wash. May Allah have mercy on him

461 15:22 / 11.04.2020
And did people think that they`ll say that they believe without being tested Surah alAnkabut, 2The Quran tells us stories of the people of Prophet Nuh alayhissalaam and the flood that destroyed many of them, of Prophet Yunus alayhissalaam finding himself in the belly of the whale, of Prophet Musa more...

607 10:54 / 11.04.2020
Believing in the Prophets of Allah is also a very wise action. It is a great honor for mankind that Allah has chosen His prophet from among men. The chain silsila of prophets from Adam to Muhammad peace be upon him is the chain of honor for mankind. The Prophets peace be upon them are the persons more...

553 10:16 / 09.04.2020
Knowledge is memorizing and understanding, practice and application, adopting commendable character and devoting to worship, preserving and verifying, taking account of ones self and fearing Allah, and folloving guidence of the leader of Prophets sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well as diligently folloving the ways of his Sahabah and Tabiun.

566 14:25 / 07.04.2020
Anas ibn Malik radiallahu anhu reported Allahs Messenger peace be upon him having said on the day of Nahr SacrificeHe who slaughtered the animal as a sacrifice before the Id prayer, should repeat it i. e. offer another animal. Thereupon a person stood up and said Messenger of Allah, that is the day more...
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