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His face never went without a smile

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Life in this world continues with its ups and downs. Human soul is like a guest house. Not just sorrows and afflictions but also happiness and goodness of this world are like its guests. None of them are permanent. This is why a believer should not disrupt the order and tranquility of this world by feeling too much happiness or sadness in the face of varied incidents of this mundane world.

The perfect life of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him is full of manifestations of sadness and suffering. Further, he states this in the following saying “No one has suffered in the way of Allah as much as I have.”

However, none of his suffering hindered his balance and resolution. He (peace be upon him) confronted all of them with maturity and contentment. Even though his soul was full of sorrow, his face never went without a smile. Nobody ever saw him frown or with sullen face; because, he was always smiling in peace and tranquility for being in the presence of Allah the Almighty and manifesting the smiling face of Islam under any circumstances.

The goodness of the inner beauties of the Companions of the Prophet peace be upon him and the friends of Allah, who were annihilated themselves in the Prophet peace be upon him, has manifested in their faces.

Umm al-Darda radiallahu anhu narrates that:

“When Abu al-Dard was talking, he always smiled. One day I told him: “I am worried about that people might think your smile weird and admonish you” and he replied: “The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him certainly smiled, when he was talking about something.”

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