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Reliance on Allah, as mentioned in this Prophetic statement, is referred to in Arabic as tawakkul. It literally means to place one’s affairs in the hands of another.

There is a name of Allah associated with this word: al-Wakil (the Disposer of Affairs). The Qur’an refers to Allah by this name fourteen times.

For instance: ''Say: Allah is sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in whom we trust as Disposer of our Affairs!'' (Surah Ali Imran, 173)

Allah, in His infinite knowledge, power and wisdom, governs the affairs of all aspects of His creation. Allah’s care is general for all things, living and nonliving, believer and unbeliever, the pious and the heedless, the grateful and the ungrateful. Allah’s concern, care, and mercy embraces all creation and all people, whether or not they believe in Him and whether or not they place their trust in Him.

There is, however, a special sense of this name, a sense that applies to those who believe in Him firmly and place their trust fully in Him. Allah makes matters easy for them and wards off hardship from them.

Allah takes particular care of the believers, their well-being and their sustenance. He shows particular concern for their affairs, especially those who put their full trust in Him. Allah says: ''And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him.'' (Surah al-Talaq, 3)

When we have a proper awareness that Allah is the Disposer of Affairs, we entrust our Lord with our concerns. We become accepting of His decree and seek after His bounty and grace. Source: Internet.

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