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'Golden Chain' (Oltin silsila): The first volume of 'Sahih Muslim' has been published!

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Sahih Muslim is one of the Kutub al-Sittah (six major hadith collections). It is highly acclaimed by Muslims. It is considered the second most authentic hadith collection after Sahih al-Bukhari. It was collected by Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, also known as Imam Muslim.

'Golden chain' (Oltin silsila), published by the devoted scholars of our country under the leadership of Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf rahimahullah, is well-known today. This project, which is a compilation of hadiths, is the most vivid example of the revival of the science of hadith in our country and the historical event in the scientific and religious life of our people. We congratulate you on the next issue of this process - the edition of the second collection.

Author: Muslim ibn Hajjoj (Imam Muslim)

Translator: Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf and a team of translators

Title: «Golden chain (Oltin silsila) - Sahih Muslim» 1 juz

Publisher: 'HILOL NASHR' Publishing House

Date: 2019

Price: 76,000 soums

Шайх Муҳаммад Содиқ Муҳаммад Юсуф
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