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Books by Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf Hadrat are in Karakalpak language!

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Starting this year, books of Sheikh Hadrat have been started to translate into Karakalpak language and to publish. So far, ''Iman'' and ''Hadith and Life'' 1,2 (Hadis va hayot) have been published in Karakalpak language. Currently, translation of the books "Hadith and Life" (Hadis va hayot) 3 and 4, "The Happy Family" (Baxtiyor oila) and "The Believer's Ascension" (Mo'minning me'roji) has been completed and preparing for publication. The rest of the books is planned to be translated and published in the future.

A bookstore was set up in Nukus, Karakalpakstan.
Address: Nukus city, X. Abdambetov Street.
Destination: Imam Eshon Muhammad Mosque.
Phone: +998 97 474 51 68

Our Website:
www.hilolnashr.uz - Our Official Web Site
www.kitoblardunyosi.uz - Online sales page

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