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Regional market opens up to the world

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Businesspeople of Turkmenistan plan to take part in the International Industrial Exhibition to be held on November 10-12, in Tashkent. UzA.uz reports.

The exhibition, which is the Central Asian analogue of the famous international exhibition INNOPROM, will serve as a kind of platform for further development of the regional market, which is increasingly opening up to the world.

It is expected that the event, which will present a variety of industrial products, new business projects, will be attended by over 4000 participants.

In addition to Central Asian countries, representatives of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as China, Turkey, Germany, Japan, France and South Korea expressed their desire to take part in the exhibition.

The exhibition will include sections of agriculture, road-building machinery, manufacturing equipment, automation technologies, mining and metallurgical, chemical industries, and thermal power engineering.

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