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Hard to imagine Islam without Maturidi’s teachings

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As previously reported, Samarkand hosts International Conference on “Imam Abu Mansur Maturidi and teachings of Maturidia: past and present”.

According to the Rector of the Russian Islamic Institute Rafik Mukhametshin, it is hard to imagine Islam without Maturidi’s teachings. Especially in the current conditions, when the process of globalization is intensifying, the words spoken by Imam Maturidi several centuries ago, his views on maintaining the purity of our sacred religion are especially important. Therefore, the Institute pays great attention to translation and study of the works of this great scientist. In this direction, they work closely with the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan and other religious education institutions, scientific centers.

“Representatives of the religious world, the ulema of Tatarstan since ancient times studied in our madrassas and increased their knowledge in Samarkand and Bukhara. This tradition continues today. I also often visit Uzbekistan and every time I get new impressions. This country has always admired the world for its rich history, high culture and spirituality.

Today, these traditions are carefully preserved and continued. The objects connected with the names of great scientists are being improved, their scientific and spiritual heritage is being studied. This conference is significant in that it is aimed precisely at these goals”, said Rafik Mukhametshin. UzA.uz.

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