1441 year 24 rabi-ul-Awwal | 2019 year 21 november, thursday
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The Naqshbandi Tourism Festival-2019 international festival continues

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 On November 1, Bukhara region hosted the second day of the Naqshbandi Tourism Festival-2019 International Festival. The guests first visited the Abdukholiq Gijduvani Complex. Later, they visited Hodja Arif Revgariy and Mahmoud Anjir Fagnawi, the prominent figures of the Naqshbandiya teaching. They led the Friday prayer in the main mosque in the Arif Revgariy complex.

 The Abu Ali Ibn Sina Museum, located in the village of Afshona, is the latest to visit on this day. The guests got acquainted with the scientific activities of Abu Ali Ibn Sina and his medical works.

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