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The briefing on the Umrah-2019 season

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On October 8, the Youth Press Club of the Central Council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan held a briefing on the Umrah-2019 season. It is reported by kun.uz website.

After the briefing, the committee chairperson gave an interview. It then asked why privatization of the Umrah tour had not yet been implemented.

“The matter is under exploration. But this is not the responsibility of our committee. We have partner committees, responsible organizations. There is no need for any interference or other action by the Religious Affairs Committee if there is a consensus among all the officials involved in the implementation of the pilgrimage tourism and other matters. The Committee on Religious Affairs is outside its jurisdiction. In fact, the committee works on the Hajj and Umrah Public Councils. It coordinates the work of Hajj and Umrah through the Council. It was stated at the briefing that Saudi Arabia has started working on a new platform of private visas, ”said Muzaffar Kamilov.

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