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Online Quran Memorization Course

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As cultural and religious activities have been called off in mosques and religious centers in the United Arab Emirates, a Quranic center in the country is offering its Quran memorization courses online.

The Hamid bin Rashed al-Naeemi Quran Center announced that it will organize online memorization courses for the youth in spring, Emarat al-Youm website reported.

Some 120 boys and girls will take the courses, in which new educational technologies will be used for learning the Quran by heart, the center said.

The move is aimed at facilitating the youths’ access to Quranic education and promoting memorization and learning of the Quran.

The UAE on Monday announced that saying prayers in mosques and other places of worship in the country is banned for a month.

The measure was taken to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country.

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