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Manners of wealth

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Wealth is a person's wealth, money, housing, equipment, and various other things beyond his own and family's needs. It is the opposite of poverty.

The word "wealth" is the root of the Arabic verb "mola", "yamylu," meaning something valuable and attractive. Every pleasing and valuable things, money, gold, silver, immovable and movable property, mean wealth. These things are called pleasuring, appetizing. And the appetite means lust. Therefore, all these things are called "lusts" in the Quran.

Allah Most High says in Surah Ali-'Imran:

“Adorned for the people is the love of desires, such as women, and children, and piles upon piles of gold and silver, and branded horses, and livestock, and fields. These are the conveniences of the worldly life, but with Allah lies the finest resort.” (Verse 14)

In this verse, after women and the children mentioned numerous gold and silver. The lust of wealth is very strong. A person wants not only wealth but also very much wealth. Raising wealth is a big lust. That is why we see that rich people try to accumulate more wealth than the poor. The lust for wealth is because it is a means of attaining other lusts.

The examples mentioned above are just examples of the lusts of time and place which the verse was revealed. There are many other things besides them.

It is not right to only worsen the wealth. It is only worsened when the wealth is found dishonestly, or if it falls into the hands of an unclean, dirty person. This is because such a person wastes wealth spends it on the wrong path. However, one should not think ill of any property that has been found and spent according to the Shariah.

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