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The book 'Hadis va hayot' 2 (Hadith and Life 2) in Karakalpak language

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Dear book-reader, you can buy the Karakalpak 2nd edition of the book 'Hadis va hayot' in Nukus at its own price!

You can also buy it online (https://kitoblardunyosi.uz/hadis-va-hayot-2juz-qoraqalpoq-tilida).

Address: Nukus city, X. Abdambetov Street.

Destination: Imam Eshon Muhammad Mosque.

Phone: +998 97 474 51 68

Price: 23500 sum

Our Website:

Online sales page - www.kitoblardunyosi.uz

Our official web site is www.hilolnashr.uz

Editorial of Islom.uz portal

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