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Uzbekistan will bring back more than 200 citizens from Syria and Iraq

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Uzbekistan expects that another 170 people from Syria and 65 children from Iraq come back, Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov said at a UNO Security Council meeting on September 25.

“We expect 65 children from Iraq and 170 people from Syria to return. In this sense, we need the help of international organizations and countries directly involved in the processes in the Middle East. This is primarily related to the assistance provided by the permanent members of the Security Council here. We are ready for such cooperation,” said Kamilov.

At the same time, he recalled, in May Uzbekistan conducted a "difficult and dangerous" operation to evacuate 156 citizens from the conflict zone in the Middle East.

"I hope the successful implementation of such operations can have a significant positive impact so that new groups do not seek to enter such conflict zones," the minister said.

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