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The book "World and Man, Religion and Science" was published

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A book titled "The World and Man, Religion and Science", aetered by Hadrat Muhammad Sadik Muhammad Yusuf, has been published. The solemn presentation of the book will take place on Saturday - 14.09.2019 at 10:00 in the conference room of Hilol Publishing House. We invite all readers to the event. You can find out more about the book in the presentation.

The book is one of Sheikh Hadrat's last works, and the book was prepared to publish after Hadrat, it was permitted to publish in 2017.

The book discusses Islam and the West's view of the world and man, religion and science. In particular, it has focused on science, cleanliness, philosophy, human creation and more.

You can purchase this book at our stores:

1. «Hilol-nashr» Publishing house

Phone: +99871 216 29 27

Address: 100185, Tashkent city, 5, Sogalli Ota

2. Chorsu branch

Address: 7, Sagbon (Farabi) street, Almazar district, Tashkent city

Phone: +99891 134 82 88

3. Kokcha Branch

Address: 362 Mannon Uigur Street, Shaykhontohur District, Tashkent city

Phone: +99897 755 23 70

4. Namangan branch

Address: 69, A. Navoi Street, Namangan city

Phone: +99869 227 95 91

5. Andijan branch

Address: 5, Uzbekistanskaya str, Andijan city

Phone: +998 97 706 29 27

6. Ferghana branch (Margilan)

Address: Margilan city, Ferghana region, Honaqo str.

Phone: +99897 756 29 27

7. Samarkand branch

Address: 268 Shohi Zinda Street, Samarkand city

Phone: +99891 522 44 99

8. Surkhandarya branch

Address: 69, Mustakillik Street, Denov city

Phone: +99893 503 56 94

9. Khorezm branch

Address: Urgench city, Amir Temur Recreation Area

Phone: +99899 526 29 27, +998 93 747 77 74

10. Bukhara branch

Address: Bukhara city, Ibn Sino-1b Target: Samarkand Gate C-Market

+99897 239 29 27

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