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Oxygen masks and venturi valves to be manufactured in Uzbekistan

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Production of oxygen masks and venturi valves developed by the Youth Academy under the Ministry of Innovative Development is being established in Uzbekistan. UzA.uz.

The first prototype will be developed soon together with the Health Ministry representatives. They will be tested and shortcomings will be eliminated. After all, a small batch of products will be manufactured.

There is also an increasing demand for disposable bacterial and viral filters in the world. They are connected to a mechanical ventilation and used for 8 hours. The device is disposable. The filter prevents virus coming out of the lungs from entering the mechanical ventilation.

Bacterial and viral filters are not produced in Uzbekistan, their price abroad is 5-6 USD. Currently, 3D BSF201 filter from Inspired Medical has been obtained and printed on a 3D printer. The device was sent to the center for advanced technologies of the Ministry of Innovative Development for the study. The average price of localized bacterial and viral filters will be 25 thousand UZS.

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