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Jaabir radiallahu anhu narrates that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, “You can never be a Mu’min as long as you do not believe in Taqdeer — in its good and its bad — to such an extent that whatever is to happen will not be warded off and whatever is not to happen will not occur.”

Ibn Abbaas radiallahu anhu narrates, “I was (once) behind Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said to me: ‘O son! I shall inform you of a few things. Remember Allah and He will protect you. Remember Allah and you will find Him close to you. When you have to ask for something, ask of Allah Ta’ala. When you require aid, seek His Aid. Believe firmly that if all creation desires to benefit you in anything, they can never benefit you but that which Allah has decreed for you. If they all unite to harm you, they will not be able to harm you in anything, but that which Allah has decreed for you.”

Whatever Allah Ta’ala has predestined, will come to pass no matter what efforts are made by man to gain or ward it off.

What greater wealth does one require than the love of Allah? Those whose trust and [have] reliance [upon] Allah, have secured His love. There is no doubt in the success of such people.

Since Allah Ta’ala is the King, the servant should be pleased with whatever the King chooses. This should be the condition of all Muslims. Both prosperity and adversity are beneficial for Muslims. Times and conditions of hardship prove beneficial for Muslims in relation to the end result. In enduring the hardships, ranks increase and sins are forgiven. Thus, it matters not which condition a Muslim is in. Both, viz., prosperity and adversity, are advantageous for Believers. This shows that even if a Muslim is overtaken by difficulty and hardship, he is not reduced to despondency and frustration, for he considers the state of adversity also beneficial to him.

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