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Good news from South Korea

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Our compatriots living in Korea are happy to report that bought 222.8 square meters of land for a mosque in Mokpo, Korea, and are now planning to start construction of a new mosque there.

This mosque will be the first mosque to be built on a plot of land purchased under current law with the official permission of the South Korean government. Most importantly, there will be no problems in obtaining visas and other documents for Uzbek imams who go to serve this mosque.

May Allah Almighty continue these good efforts for His sake, for the sake of His House, and make the mosque to be built one of the mosques where His word is supreme, the Shariah is valid, and remembrance and worship are constant!

May all our compatriots and believers living, working and studying abroad be given such opportunities!

For more information: +82 1049010109

Bank account number:

Kookmin / 국민은행 (kodi 4)



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