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"Hilol nashr" publishing house presented its products at the Tashkent Book Fest 2019

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As reported earlier, TASHKENT BOOK FEST - 2019 - I Tashkent International Book Fair started its work at the National Exhibition Complex "Uzekspomarkaz" in Tashkent.

Today, on the second day of the exhibition, important events have been held for mass media representatives, publishers and readers.


▪ Presentations by “Hilol nashr”: The book “Olam va odam, din va ilm” (The World and Man, Religion and Science) by Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf, in addition "Hilol nashr" Innovation Library, and the “Hilol e-Book” app;

▪ Creative meeting: With the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan on the theme: "Literary friendship - eternal friendship";

▪ Presentation of new works: Published by “Akademnashr”, “O'zbekiston milliy ensiklopediyasi”, “Zhivaya kniga”, “Sano-standart”, “O'zbekistan”, “Yangi asr avlodi” publishing houses;

▪ Intellectual quizzes, artistic meetings for children, fairy tales and book exhibitions

The events at the Tashkent Book Fest-2019 International Book Fair will also continue tomorrow.

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