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Great Islamic Thinkers

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A student of knowledge should hold fast to a specific teacher, adopt him as a guide and completely devote himself to him.

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Allah is He who sends the winds, which agitate clouds, which We drive to a dead land, and thereby revive the ground after it had died. Likewise is the Resurrection. Surah Fatir, 9Above the resurrection of the dead is compared to physical processes which are based on laws of nature like the growth more...

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The Islamic calendar, also known as the Hijri Calendar, is based on the moon. It started after the Hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace to Madina. The beginning of each month is contingent on the visibility of the moon at the end of the previous month. Once the more...

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We called the police because she wrecked her room and hit her momhellip all because we took her phone,rdquo Kelly`s father explained. He said that when the police arrived that evening, Kelly was distraught and told an officer that she wanted to kill herself. So an ambulance was called, and the more...

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AlgebraWhile many secondary school students struggling through math classes may not particularly appreciate the importance of algebra, it is one of the most important contributions of the Muslim Golden Age to the modern world. It was developed by the great scientist and mathematician, Muhammad ibn more...

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Anas ibn Malik radiallahu anhu reported Allahs Messenger peace be upon him having said on the day of Nahr SacrificeHe who slaughtered the animal as a sacrifice before the Id prayer, should repeat it i. e. offer another animal. Thereupon a person stood up and said Messenger of Allah, that is the day more...
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