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Allah has put blessings in vinegar

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During the time of the Prophet peace be upon him, vinegar was generally prepared from grapes and dates, and was known as khal al-‘inab, khal al-khamr. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said “Allah has put blessings in vinegar, for truly it was the seasoning used by the prophets before me.”

Vinegar is made from the oxidation of ethanol in wine, cider, beer, fermented fruit juice, or nearly any other liquid containing alcohol, a process which yields acetic acid as its key ingredient. Besides its use as an antiseptic, vinegar is used in the treatment of diabetes, to decrease hunger, to kill intestinal parasites, and to promote cardiovascular health.

Anti-diabetic Activity

According to several studies, small amounts of vinegar added to food, or taken with a meal, have been shown to reduce the glycemic index of carbohydrates in both healthy and diabetic recipients. This has also been expressed as lower glycemic index ratings in the region of 30%.

Anti-hunger Activity

Multiple trials indicate that the intake of vinegar increases satiety, thus reducing the amount of food consumed. Even a single application of vinegar can lead to reduced food intake for a whole day.

Anti-parasitic Activity

Commonly used in both humans and livestock, vinegar lowers pH levels from high alkaline conditions which promote parasite growth.

Multiple Activities

The potassium found in apple cider vinegar is beneficial to the heart, promoting the health of veins and capillaries. Apple cider vinegar bears closer resemblance to digestive juices than any other liquid, helping break down food effectively, thus preventing heartburn and indigestion.

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