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'Hilol nashr' has sent books to Osh city branch office

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As it is known, 'Hilol nashr' purveys books on Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf, the founder of the publishing house, in all regions of the country. Not only readers in our country, but also neighboring republics, read the works of Sheikh Hazrat. In this regard, we are pleased to inform the readers that 'Hilol nashr' has sent the following books to the Osh branch of the Kyrgyz Republic.

''Happy family'' (Baxtiyor oila)

"History of Islam'' (Islom tarixi) 1-2 books

''The world and Man, Religion and Science'' (Olam va odam, din va ilm)

''Spiritual Education'' (Ruhiy tarbiya) 1, 2, 3 books

"Sunni aqeedah'' (Sunniy aqiydalar)

''Tafsir hilal'' (Tafsiri hilol) 7

''Tafsir hilal'' (Tafsiri hilol) 8 and others.

Our Osh branch office:

Gapar Aitiev Street, Osh, Kyrgyz Republic

Target: Sulaiman Mountain mosque

Phone: +996 55 5788030

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