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The next (7th) volume 'Tafsir Hilal' has been published in Russian

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'Tafsir Hilal' is the fundamental work of the venerable Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf, a world-famous Islamic scholar and public figure. Tafsir is an interpretation of the verses of Sacred Quran, comments on them. 'Tafsir Hilal' is one of the most reliable tafsirs of our time, in which, along with the Arabic verses of Sacred Quran, a semantic (meaning) translation of these verses and their interpretation in Russian are presented. This book, written in a simple language that is accessible to a wide range of readers, has become a revival of the glorious tradition of the Mufassirs of Mavaraunnahr to spread the light of the Word of Allah.

This volume includes the surahs 'Naml', 'Qasas', 'Ankabut', 'Rum', 'Luqman', 'Sajdah', 'Ahzab' and 'Saba'.

You can purchase this book at our stores:

1. Main store «Hilol-nashr» Publishing house

Phone: +99871 216 29 27

Address: 100185, Tashkent city, 5, Sogalli Ota

2. Chorsu branch

Address: 7, Sagbon (Farabi) street, Almazar district, Tashkent city

Phone: +99891 134 82 88

3. Kokcha Branch

Address: 362 Mannon Uigur Street, Shaykhontohur District, Tashkent city

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4. Namangan branch

Address: 69, A. Navoi Street, Namangan city

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5. Andijan branch

Address: 5, Uzbekistanskaya str, Andijan city

Phone: +998 97 706 29 27

6. Ferghana branch (Margilan)

Address: Margilan city, Ferghana region, Honaqo str.

Phone: +99897 756 29 27

7. Samarkand branch

Address: 268 Shohi Zinda Street, Samarkand city

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8. Surkhandarya branch

Address: 69, Mustakillik Street, Denov city

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9. Khorezm branch

Address: Urgench city, Amir Temur Recreation Area

Phone: +99899 526 29 27, +998 93 747 77 74

10. Bukhara branch

Address: Bukhara city, Ibn Sino-1b Target: Samarkand Gate C-Market

+99897 239 29 27

11. You can purchase online at www.kitoblardunyosi.uz

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