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Blessed brother

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One person dies and two or more girls and granddaughters are left behind him. In this case, girls receive two-thirds of the inheritance and it is done hajb (cancel) for granddaughters. That is, a granddaughter or granddaughters do not receive inherit.

But when grandson or great-grandson joins in the same situation, a daughter or granddaughters will inherit from it. That is why such a brother is called a "blessed brother." And because of his blessing, his sisters too will receive the inheritance.

Here is another example. One person has died. Surviving are his sisters and half-sister (a sister with whom one has only one parent in common). In this case, the siblings receive two-thirds of the inheritance and it is done hajb (cancel) for the half-sister. In other words, the half-sister is deprived of an inheritance.

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