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Five Inventions that Muslims have given to the world

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The history of Islam, which has given so much to society, is full of discoveries and inventions, without which it would be difficult to imagine the present-day life.

1. Public libraries.

In the early days of Islam, mosques throughout the Muslim world served as the center of intellectual debate. These mosques were not only places of worship, but many books on religion, philosophy and science were placed there. These libraries were open to the public.

2. Surgical instruments.

Qasim al-Zahravi, a renowned Muslim surgeon of the 10th century, who is known as the father of surgery, invented many surgical instruments that are still in use today. Examples include scalpel, surgical scissors, and surgical needle. He also invented ketghut sewing material, a self-spreading.

3. Algebra.

Algebra has flourished throughout the golden age of Islam. The emergence of algebra is connected with the name of our great countryman al-Khwarizmi. Al-Khorezmi was the first to present an example of general methods for solving algebra, linear and quadratic equations as an independent science. He wrote a treatise in the 800's, which offered a new understanding of algebraic equations.

4. Optics.

In the 11th century, the scientist Ibn Haysam completely changed the way in which human eyes see. It was believed at that time that the human eye would see by its own light. He restored the scientific reality that the eyes would see by perceiving light emitted by other bodies and surfaces.

5. Coffee.

Coffee beans were originally grown in Abyssinia, but in the fifteenth century, muslim-arab traders in Yemen learned to make coffee, now known as coffee. Sufis used to drink coffee at night to awake up and pray.

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