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Mecca Scarborough raises more than £100,000 in just eight weeks for children's charity Variety

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Mecca Scarborough's loyal customers have helped them to raise £107,067 in just eight weeks for Variety the Children’s Charity through the Sunshine Flyer game.

After teaming up with Variety the Children’s Charity to create the Sunshine Flyer at the start of July, Mecca Bingo is thrilled to have completed its eight weeks of fundraising with the game, and has exceeded its target of £80,000 raised, by confirming the final amount raised is £107,067.

The money raised with the help of Mecca Scarborough will be used to make a difference to the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children and young people around UK.

Some of the money will be used to buy essential accessible coaches to enable easier travel which allows these young people to travel to places they have never visited before.

To attend a Mecca Club, you do need to be aged 18 years or over and new customers must bring photo ID.

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