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The Oldest Islamic Fiqh Academy

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The Islamic Studies Academy in Egypt is the oldest Islamic Fiqh Academy in the world. With the aim of combining fatwas and emerging problems, it contains various scholars from all over the Islamic world. The Islamic government and the people apply its visions. This academy will, of course, make decisions about what is reliable.

Islamic Studies Academy at Azhari University is the oldest Islamic Fiqh Academy. It is a scientific orientation on the study of Shariah, and examines the classification books or the laws in Egypt that do not contradict Islamic law. The Academy is headed by a "great imam" and "Sheikh of Azhar dorilfunun".

The Sheikh of Azhar darulfunun has numerous missions and charities, and has an active influence and major role in life in Egypt and beyond, whether it be political, social or missionary.

Looking at the history of Azhari Sharif, it will be easy for us to recognize this academy. The history of Azhari Sharif dates back to the time of the Fatimids state in Egypt. Commander Javhar Saqali founded Cairo after the conquest of Fustot on the 17th of Shaaban, 358 Hijri. In order to avoid confrontation with the Sunni Egyptians, he planned to build a Shia mosque, a motto of the Fatimids. It is determined to build a mosque as a symbol of the Fatimid kingdom in Egypt. The construction of the Azhar Mosque was begun 970 Miladi, 359 Hijri, on the 24th of Jumada al-awwal. The mosque was completed in 361 Hjri and 972 Miladi. The first Friday prayer was offered on that day, the seventh of the month of Ramadan.

Azhar Jami was named after the new capital, which was originally built by Jawhar Sagali. The mosque was named Azhar (flowerable, illuminating) after the appearance of the beautiful palaces in the days of Azizbillah Fatimi.

Some think it is called because it is foreseen that science will continue to grow and reach great titles in the future. And other people think is named after Fatimah Zahra. This is because the Fatimids propagate to themselves as the daughter of the Prophet peace be upon him.

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