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A new national geological nature park will be created in Uzbekistan

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Kitab district national park of geology will be established. The draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers was submitted for discussion.

The State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Ecology and the Environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan can approve the proposals of the Kitab State Geological Reserve, Kitab District of Kashkadarya region, to turn 'Kitab State Geological Reserve' into 'Kitab National Geological Park'.

The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan will include the complete overhaul of the road to the geological nature park in its work plan for 2020 and ensure the timeliness of repairs.

Together with the State Geological Committee and other interested ministries and departments, submits to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals on amendments and additions to the legislation arising from this decision.

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