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The divine books

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Belief in the divine books is the Islamic faith. It is impossible to have iman without this belief. To believe in the divine books is to believe that those books are the word of Allah.

We believe in the fact that Allah has sent down His Books to His Messengers. Allah knows the true number and names of these books. At the same time, Allah has mentioned the names of some of the books in the Qur'an.

Pages of Abraham alayhissalaam.

The collection of revelations to Abraham alayhissalaam is called "Pages", which, according to our scholars, were known pages and did not reach the level of the book.


Allah has sent down the Psalm to David alayhissalaam. The literal meaning of the word "psalms" is "letter," that is, "written."

A Muslim must believe in the fact that Allah revealed to David alayhissalaam the book of Psalms.

The Torah.

Allah revealed the Torah to Moses alayhissalaam. The word "Torah" in Hebrew means "education" or "law."

The believer must believe in the fact that Allah revealed to Moses alayhissalaam the Book of the Torah.


Allah has sent down the Bible to Jesus alayhissalaam. The Bible is a Greek word meaning "prophecy."

The believer must believe in the fact that Allah revealed the Bible to Jesus alayhissalaam.

The Quran.

The Qur'an was revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him. The literal meaning of the word “Qur'an” is to read.

The only true book that remains unchanged today is the Qur'an.

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