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Preserving unique exhibits

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Museums, preserving history of the country, passing on values of our people from century to century, demonstrate unique artifacts, antiquities and encourage us to preserve our identity and learn from the past, according to UzA.uz.

Andijan Regional State Museum of History and Culture has undergone major reconstruction, the territory has been improved, and infrastructure has been radically updated. 500 million soums were spent for this purpose.

An extensive work was carried out to establish international cooperation. A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with Sulaiman-Too National Historical-Archaeological Museum Complex in Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. Within the framework of cooperation, a mobile exhibition “Sulaiman-Too” – an object of international heritage” was organized in Andijan. A workshop on “Cooperation of museums that have preserved common values in Fergana valley” was held in Osh. This contributes to strengthening cultural and historical cooperation between the two neighboring nations, increasing the flow of tourists.

In order to expand the scope of international cooperation, a meeting was held with representatives of Hungarian National Museum, National Museum of Kazakhstan and China’s Northwest University in Xi’an. Suggestions were made in discussions and meetings for establishing partnership in the future.

In some days, Osh will host a mobile exhibition “Tourism potential of Andijan”.

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